Friday, June 19, 2009

The Courage To Heal, 20th Anniversary Edition

A couple of days ago, I recieved my copy of The Courage To Heal 20th Anniversary Edition. As I was flipping through it I noticed some changes from the 3rd edition that I would like to share with everybody.
The authors have added some sections that I think may help:
Trauma and the Brain-This section talks about how trauma affects the brain chemistry and possible mental afflictions that may result. The most common is PTSD.
Using Guided Imagery- This I enjoyed reading. I have personally used guided imagery with my second counselor. There is about a couple of pages dedicated to use of medication. I found this helpful as well. The authors have also taken out the section : Honoring The Truth. There is an expanded resource guide and the section on survivor accounts. There are other little things like more survivor poetry, list and information boxes ect. On a more personal note, I found some things that have inspired future poems about the healing process. If you can, I would encourage everybody to purchase a copy of the book. As my first counselor Carol said to me ,"it is the survivor's bible".

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Patricia Singleton said...

When I started reading this book, almost 20 years ago, was the beginning of my healing. The writing that I did with this book was my first attempt at breaking the silence of the incest. I should buy a copy of the newer version. I gave my original copy to a friend who was just beginning her own recovery journey.